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Infusion & Vacuum


This new technology brings unmatched creativity and flexibility to the kitchen. Do you have a barbecue? You get more flavour in your piece of meat / fish in 10 minutes in the Smart Infuser, than after 72 hours of marinating in the refrigerator. This way you can always put a unique dish on the table quick and easily! Do you also want to surprise people with a special drink? You make the most beautiful cocktails by infusing your favourite flavours into a drink. And there are many other applications for the Smart Infuser such as packaging for Sous Vide, the possibility to cook vegetables without heat and making Cold Brews. Be inspired by recipes from the best Mixologists and chefs. You can easily download the recipes and programs online or you can let your creativity run wild and create your own recipes. The recipes are easy to store and can be reproduced precisely at the touch of a button. This saves you time and ensures consistent quality at all times!


If you want to infuse, marinate, tenderize, pickle, extract and enhance flavours, working with pressure levels below, on or above the boiling point is essential. The boiling point (of water around 100 Degrees Celsius, and 7 degrees under full vacuum) is the moment that magic happens. The release of pressure makes changes on cellular level possible. The boiling point is different for every liquid, product and mixture. Even the temperature, height and weather conditions have a major influence on the process and the end result. With the Smart Infuser you get the best results due to a completely redeveloped precision vacuum technology.


The specially developed software in combination with 2 sensors together form an intelligent control that can precisely detect this boiling point. Programming via the colour touch screen and pre-programmed recipes opens up a world of new possibilities.


Smart Infuser MX2

Infusion &     Marination
1/4   GN 150mm (3    Liter) 

Vacuum Packaging
1* 270mm seal bar 

Smart Infuser MX3

Infusion &     Marination
1/2   GN 100mm (6,2 Liter)

Vacuum Packaging
2* 360mm seal bar


Smart Infuser MX4

Infusion &  Marination
2/3 GN 100mm (8,7 Liter) 
+ 2* 1/9 GN 100 ( 0,8 Liter)

Vacuum Packaging
2* 450mm seal bar 



Strong suits:

  •  Aesthetics
  •  Front control panel/display.

By working together with top chefs during the design and manufacturing of the display, we have been able to extend the features provided by the control panel by taking into account the specific needs of professional users.

An inert gas insertion kit is also supplied as an optional feature.

The control panel has up to 10 custom programs that can be set. The display shows the need to replace oil with a special warning.

The touch-screen display (with a membrane switch) is adhesive and glued to the front of the bodywork. This prevents liquids from leaking into the board.

A cutting-edge electronic sensor, which processes data directly from the board, detects the vacuum level inside the chamber. Moreover, the machine can be calibrated once it has been positioned at the premises of the final user to correct any atmospheric pressure variations at various altitudes.



The chamber vacuum sealers MVS X line has high-quality technological and functional content, but retains the utmost ease of use.

The collaboration with important chefs at the stage of realization and design has allowed to enrich the functions offered by these latter-generation vacuum machines, taking into consideration the specific needs of professional users.

The tactile control keypad is adhesive and glued on the front of the bodywork to prevent the entry of liquids into the card. The control panel allows you to set up to 10 customized programs, making these chamber vacuum sealers very versatile products.

The display shows the need for oil change. The electronic sensor interprets the data directly from the card and reads the degree of vacuum realized inside the chamber. Finally, you can also calibrate the machine to correct any variations in atmospheric pressure at different altitudes.



For all the needs of professional industrial packaging, minipack®-torre is proud to present the Swing line, a series of industrial vacuum packaging machines that can achieve high speed of operation, thanks to the sliding closure of the chamber. All the machines guarantee the maximum durability and reliability, thanks to the structure in stainless steel AISI 304, a high quality alloy that is often used in the industrial sector.

All the industrial vacuum packaging machines in the series are designed and manufactured according to CE regulations, thereby ensuring maximum safety and quality. Ample control possibilities: the digital display allows you to store and manage up to 10 different programs, while an analog volumetric sensor keeps always monitored the vacuum in the chamber and the ATM packing process.



In industrial packaging, one of the most demanding needs is the speed of the process, which must be guaranteed without sacrificing quality. To meet this requirement, minipack®-torre has created the Swing Line, a series of industrial vacuum sealer machines with a sliding closure of the packaging chamber, for maximum speed and efficiency.

The intrinsic quality of the machinery, on the other hand, is guaranteed by the high quality materials, including the stainless steel AISI 304, a highly durable and reliable alloy. Strict adherence to CE norms is also synonymous with quality, as in all the minipack®-torre products.

The industrial vacuum sealer machines of the Swing line do not even renounce to innovative features such as the analog volumetric sensor (with which it is possible to constantly supervise the vacuum created and the packaging process), and the Integrated digital panel, which allows to manage and store up to 10 different programs.



The Swing line by minipack®-torre includes a series of industrial vacuum packaging machines. The peculiarity of the products is the sliding closure of the chamber, which allows to reach high packing speeds. The sturdy construction of the stainless steel structure (AISI 304) guarantees maximum reliability and quality in the packaging.

All the industrial vacuum packaging machines of the Swing line are constructed according to CE norms and are equipped with an analog volumetric sensor that allows the constant control of the vacuum and of the packaging in ATM. 10 different programs are operated and can be stored in a low voltage digital panel.

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